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The Triple Helix Conference aims to promote scientific development, inspire new research and activities related to the triple helix. This conference enables all key stakeholders to share scientific discoveries, exchange ideas and insights into the implementation of this model. It’s a networking opportunity for local and international researchers, policymakers and practitioners and to share groundbreaking research. Abstract submissions are welcome from academics, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, thought leaders for contributions to the conference programme. Submitted abstracts will undergo a blind review and successful abstracts will be considered for publication.

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The XVII Triple Helix Conference 2019, Triple Helix – a Catalyst for Change, will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 9-11 September. The Triple Helix model presents an opportunity to achieve innovation outcomes for the socio-economic good through collaboration with multi-stakeholders within academia, industry and government spheres. Local and international researchers, policymakers and practitioners will gather together to discuss how to affect positive change in bringing the creators, implementers and enablers of innovation in social, economic and environmental issues together in research collaborations, policy initiatives and political actions in society.

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Innovation related conferences
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Cape Town, South Africa
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Monday, September 9, 2019
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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