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ZIZON Disposal Circumcision Device: One Shot This brand new medical device allows for voluntary male circumcision to be performed in just 2 minutes. The device applies biodegradable sutures once the foreskin has been removed, which ensures that the patient need not return for a follow-up clinic appointment. Male circumcision is an effective method of reducing HIV transmission as well as reducing the spread of other sexually transmitted diseases, decreasing discomfort encourages a willingness to undergo the procedure.

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Every year Government and NGO’s increase target number of circumcision that should be carried out, so there is a growing need for a faster and efficient way to meet these goals. The current standard devices have been of great interest because they are quicker than the traditional method of circumcision. Unfortunately, however, they are all wearable devices thus patients must return a week after the circumcision procedure so that the device may be removed. This forces these patients to come for second consultation costing them time, transport and often exposes them to a higher risk of infection and discomfort. Our product, the ZIZON, is designed so that the applied sutures are biodegradable, or dissolvable, which eliminates the needful a second visit and reduces chances of infection. The procedure can be performed in less than 2 minutes aiding health care workers in meeting the target as it is possible to circumcise more patients in less time

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A method of performing very fast circumcision procedures with dissolvable sutures, which eliminates the need for a return visit. This procedure innovation results in lower rates of infection and provides the ability to reform a larger number of procedures in a shorter time.

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Most male circumcision devices are wearables, which need to be removed a week after the procedure. The proposed innovation included dissolvable sutures and a procedure that can be performed in less than two minutes.

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Currently, Hlomuka Holdings is working in partnership with SKEG, a product development company based in Cape Town, to move beyond the prototype stage of the technology.

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