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Unabridged Airline Transport License: Giving South Africans Wings

The aviation industry in South Africa is dominated by three major companies who all specialise in military aviation. There is a need for a new and innovative civil aviation company to be established in South Africa capable of harnessing the existing technology and expertise to enable a coordinated, sustainable and viable civilian aviation industry. Bradley Aviation Technologies (Pty) Ltd trading as Bradley Aviation is a technology business incubator (TBI). Bradley Aviation is poised to establish technology companies and manage them over time, earning a sustainable profit in national and international markets.

The overall purpose of Bradley Aviation is to serve as a management unit for newly established technology companies and start-ups in the aviation industry. The TBI services relate specifically to the strategic management of new technologies and high-end innovations.

Two of BradleyAviation’s sub holdings are the BradleyAviation Training Academy for training pilots and aviation related technologists and BradleyAviation Manufacturing for the development and manufacture of the Lucy Virgo Trainer Aircraft.

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The aviation industry and business press publications are sounding the alarm about a growing crisis in the airline industry—a shortage of qualified pilots to operate the aircraft (MBA, 2017). The global pilot shortage is a reality. Airbus and Boeing both foresee strong traffic growth continuing, with Boeing projecting a global demand for 558 000 new commercial airline pilots by 2034, as well as 679.000 maintenance technicians and 814,000 cabin crew (Boeing, 2017). 2

The global aviation industry has entered an era where commercial aviation is growing rapidly, thus creating an unprecedented demand for trained and competent commercial airline pilots and other personnel essential to the industry, which is currently not being satisfied by training institutions.
Secondly, qualifying as a commercial airline pilot is time-consuming and costly due to a combination of academic fees, substantial flight hours required and a series of certifications, followed by more type specific flight time requirements

In lieu of this, creating a competitive aviation industry is a national imperative for South-Africa. BradleyAviation Training Academy is qualified to deliver certified education and training to the aviation industry. All our training and education modules comply with international aviation regulations as well as the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) of the Department of Higher Education of South Africa.

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Compared to the traditional training process through to initial employment as an airline pilot, the BradleyAviation Unabridged Airline Transport Pilot License program offers certain distinct advantages; these can be summarised as:
a. Creating a stream of new airline pilots to serve the local and global airline industries.
b. Creating additional personal development through offering a parallel qualification at Bachelor Degree level in Aviation Business Management from the Southern Business School, leading to varied and sustainable job opportunities in commercial aviation.
c. Stimulating and developing the local aviation industry as a whole through provision of training on various levels, using integrated learning methodologies.

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