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aerostat unmanned buoyancy tethered helium gas

The Aerostat is an unmanned, aerodynamically shaped vehicle that uses mainly buoyant forces to maintain an elevated position, and uses active control for stabilisation. The Aerostat is made from a large fabric envelope filled with helium gas. It is fixed to the ground using a tether and is capable of carrying a payload, which is typically a camera system.

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Design - Functional
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Licensing Partnership
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The platform is self-stabilised and provides both buoyant and aerodynamic lift, thus making it able to lift larger payloads for a smaller volume compared to conventional Aerostats.

The main idea behind the technology is described.

Aerostat can mainly be used for security, defence and marketing purposes.

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John Monk, Duncan Higgs, Jeanne Marie Roux

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TRL 6: Experimental testing in real-world setting
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