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ICT Education

Software Development is one of the most sought after skill sets in South Africa (and most foreign countries). Any growing economy requires an increasing number of software developers to maintain the growing dependence on software and technology.


TANKS powered by Tangibl™ aims to introduce more learners to computer programming in an attempt to encourage them to consider computer science as a career choice. TANKS powered by Tangibl™ is an inexpensive programming tool that encourages the development of computing knowledge to learners who do not have access to computers and additional hardware. The application (app) only requires paper tokens and a smartphone to introduce learners to programming, making the experience accessible to more people than coding programmes that are dependent on the availability of a computer.

The app is available for Android and iPhone. It contains 35 levels of increasing difficulty. By playing the game, learners are introduced to basic turtle graphics command as well as looping, decision and nested constructs.

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