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A short description of the funding opportunity.

The Product Process Development scheme intends to promote technology development through the provision of financial assistance for the development of new products and/or processes. A new product is a product that has not been in the market before.

Exclusions to the funding opportunities are described below.

The scheme does not provide support to projects that are; more than 70% complete at the time of application, receiving funding from other government funds, projects of military nature, unless they have substantial commercial or civilian application and projects where technology is licensed from a third party and the license agreement restricts the commercial application. Government funded institutions (e.g. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)) do not directly qualify for support but may participate as subcontractor(s).

Applicable funding type(s).
Grant funding
How to apply for the funding opportunity.

To apply visit the dti website, and locate the financial assistance tab. All information including application forms and guidelines is provided for in each of the dti funding and/or incentives. Completed application forms with supporting documents must be submitted via e-mail to

Organisations with projects/technologies in the following organisation sector(s) may qualify to receive the funding.
Follow this link to access more information regarding this funding opportunity.
Your project will be assessed based on the following criteria.

Development should represent significant advances in technology, development and subsequent production must take place within South Africa, Intellectual Property to reside in a South African registered company and participating businesses should be South African registered enterprises.

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