A short description of the available technology.

A secure storage trolley for tablet computers which allows for them to be charged.

Keywords related to the available technology.
Intellectual Property Protection: 
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Market need/opportunity: 
Brief description of the technology’s market need.

Schools requiring secure storage and charging facilities for their IPads and Laptop Computers.

Value proposition/benefits: 
Brief description of the technology’s benefits.

Safe and secure storage that includes a multimedia sound system.


The attributes of the technology that makes it unique.

Mobile, lockable storage unit with reconfigurable storage slots for charging, includes cooling. Ideal for a school environment.

The main features of the technology are provided.

Electrical charging points are incorporated into the cabinet.  The cabinet has two drawers which support slotted racks.  These racks serve as tablet holders for charging 20 tablets at a time when connected to a standard 16A household outlet.

Idea behind technology: 
The main idea behind the technology is described.

Schools introducing internet and iPad teaching devices need secure storage facilities for charging their devices. The storage cabinet can be wheeled into the classroom. 

Team and expertise: 
The team and expertise behind the technology.

Mr Andrew Young - Engineering Director, eNtsa

Opportunity type: 
What is the technology owner looking for? E.g. collaboration, investment, sales, etc.
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The country in which the technology is/was developed.
The city where the technology developers are based.

Port Elizabeth

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