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Smart Vent: Doesn’t Always Have to Be Switched On

This invention aims to replace older and ‘always-on’ ventilation and extractor fan units with a system that only operates when necessary. The Smart Vent will monitor humidity and temperature to determine when it should be in operation. This feedback allows intermittent essential use instead of continuous operation. Not only does this minimise the energy consumption of the system (especially when considering larger commercial fan and ventilator systems), but it results in an increased lifespan of the units due to minimised wear and tear.

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Many private, commercial, retail and industrial settings have ventilation and extractor fan systems as safety or comfort precautions. This system design is suitable any environment where there is a temperature of humidity control requirement. As an example, the temperature and moisture sensitive settings such as chicken brooders and commercial food storage could benefit from the application this energy efficient system.

Brief description of the technology’s benefits.

The benefit of the Smart Vent system includes energy savings while ensuring optimum operating temperatures, and the prolonging of the lifespan of expensive ventilation and extractor fan units. The design integrates with older systems, thus, because it can be retrofitted, the installation of Smart Vent eliminates the need for replacing entire systems with the newer technologies.

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An energy saving technology which is installed by simple integration and not the replacement of older systems.

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Paseka Litabe is the inventor/designer and also manufactures the Smart Vent System. He studied diploma in process instrumentation at the Tshwane University of Technology.

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