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micro-seismic data sensing Monitoring Real-time

The RockPulse is a technology developed primarily for the mining industry to observe and process micro-seismic data in real-time. The technology finds application in providing early warning of unsafe conditions due to rock mass instability and many site-specific rock engineering investigations, however, different sensors and even domains can easily be accommodated.

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One of the main causes of fatalities in underground mines is due to rock falls. This technology can be applied to provide reliable early-warning of unsafe conditions, potentially eliminating resulting injuries and fatalities. Furthermore, safe re-entry can also be signaled by continuously monitoring the area to establish when an event has concluded. Currently, the responsibility rests with people taking their best guess as to when it is safe to re-enter, whereas using this technology, certainty, and efficiency can be introduced into the process. 

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• Real-time monitoring and warning of fall-of-ground (FoG), impending roof failures (GOAFs), ground stability, rock bursts, coal bursts and peak-particle velocities or accelerations.
• Investigation of strong ground motion, support design, support failure, support performance.
• Earthquake engineering, excavation resonance.
• Aiding in obtaining mine closure certificates.
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Gideon Ferreira

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