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The design relates to a new improved Reconfigurable Vibrating Screen (RVS) for use in classifying materials such as bulk granular and particulate materials and wet slurries. The RVS uses a simple theory of reconfigurability to increase its capacity and productivity. The innovative RVS machine enhances the screening of mineral particles through its ability to geometrically adjust its structure. Thus, guarantees the adjustment of the RVS machine screen surface so that sufficient quantities of mineral particle products can be processed, considering unpredicted incidents like machine downtime resulting from machine failure and other related operational burdens. At its initial position, the RVS operates in the same manner as the conventional vibrating screen. As the production demand of mineral particles increases, the screen is adjustable to the required capacity.

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This project is in line with the national job creation agenda and also with the New Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Research Niche area at the Tshwane University of Technology. Application of reconfigurable technologies in the mining and mineral processing industry is a phenomenon that is not yet so prevalent. Job creation is anticipated given that the design is more robust and easier one to design and manufacture. Through the various advantages and features that this technology offers can be taken advantage of in a variety of industries such as construction (brick making), agricultural activities etc. The introduction of this technology will have wider social trends and changes that will influence the new products and services will be needed. This technology also considers the social and demographic trends that are reshaping our populations and economies. For example, in South Africa, many people are making bricks that are intended for the fast-expanding population. Thus, utilizing this technology will meet the needs of those people and those who provide service to them.

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RVS is able to exceed the capabilities of conventional screen when configured to its maximum.

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