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The Qbell™ is a simple press device that enables patients with motor and physical disabilities to get the attention of healthcare staff with ease.

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Patients who have reduced or no hand/arm function due to hand injuries, spinal injuries, amputations or hand tremors are unable to use the existing nurse-call buttons to get the attention of the healthcare staff in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and frail care centres.

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The Qbell™ has the potential to positively improve the healthcare experience of people with severe motor and physical disabilities.

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Qbell™ is an alternative nurse-call button that can be operated using the patient’s palm, chin, foot or other part of the body.

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The 3D-printed device uses the same power socket outlets as conventional devices so no electrical modifications are required.

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QSystems SA (Pty) Ltd CEO, Heinrich Williams, had to adapt to life in a wheelchair after contracting a bacterial infection which resulted in an abscess pressing against his spinal cord. Williams recognised a need in the market for a nurse-call device that could easily be used by patients with disabilities.

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QSystems SA (Pty) Ltd CEO, Heinrich Williams, BTech Industrial Engineer, Currently busy with MBA, has a diverse technical background in Electrical to Mechanical Engineering.

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Port Elizabeth

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