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Storage Pods: High-Performance Storage for the Stars

The SP4000 range of high performance, network-centric HDD and SSD managed storage solutions provides unprecedented scalability and performance for high end data storage and buffering tasks.

The SP4000C is a compact 4U 19” rack-mountable 48-bay managed storage solution, with 2.5” hot-swap drive support. It is intended for high bandwidth networked storage or buffering applications. It supports a wide range of 2.5” SATA HDDs and SSDs. The primary data interface is 40 Gb Ethernet, with a total SSD storage capacity of up to 96 TB per unit. Up to 16 secondary SAS interfaces allow the unit to directly manage archival storage (e.g. tape drive arrays) or additional SAS JBODs.
The SP4000L is a 4U, 19” rack-mountable top-loading 48-bay managed storage solution. It is intended for high capacity storage clusters, where it achieves a remarkable storage-capacity-to-cost-ratio using high capacity 3.5” SATA HDDs. Data interfacing is achieved through 25 Gb Ethernet interfaces, with a total storage capacity of up to 384 TB per unit (using 8TB HDDs).

The SP4000 series is the ideal hardware platform on which to implement high performance/high redundancy RAID arrays, as well as scalable network-centric object stores (e.g. CEPH Object Store Daemons), for data-centric compute.

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The storage pods are targeted at the high performance computing market generally, and are specifically tuned to the requirements of the Radio Astronomy market.

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The storage pods achieve a unique position in the market with the combination of very high performance and cost effective implementation.

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The storage pods were designed in response to the difficulty in finding reasonably priced enterprise storage solutions on the market. By designing a bare bones storage chassis that can be networked to achieve almost any scale, a memory solution can be implemented at lower cost than existing market solutions.

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The storage pods were developed in collaboration between SKA South Africa and Peralex. The team lead at SKA South Africa is Khutso Ngoasheng.

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TRL 9: System ready for full scale deployment
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