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The mir-THYpe test reduces up to 81% of unnecessary thyroid surgeries.

Up to 68% of the population has Thyroid Nodules. From those, around 30% are classified as "indeterminate": the cytopathologist doesn´t have enough material to classify as benign or as malignant. Surgery is the gold standard treatment method for indeterminate thyroid nodules, but around 70% of those surgeries reveals benign nodules, so they are UNNECESSARY.

mir-THYpe® is microRNA-based molecular classifier for thyroid nodules with indeterminate cytology. To the date, we are driving a revolution with a dramatic reduction in unnecessary thyroid surgeries. The validation study showed a 96% NPV and the test is performed using the readily available smear slides already prepared for prior cytology test.

The data describing the validation of the test was published in the main scientific journal in the world in the field, the Thyroid journal, from the American Thyroid Association (ATA).

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