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Marula Atchar: Local Fruit in New Product

Research has revealed that the skin of the Marula fruit, indigenous to Africa, is rich in essential nutrients. We have developed a Marula Atchar product to compete with existing products based on the native fruit adding a new tart and distinctive flavour to this South African favourite. This innovative idea adding peels to this food product is of economic value, as it will increase food security and boost local job creation.

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The Marula Atchar product has market potential and there is both local and foreign demand for the product. Small businesses offer a great platform for the production, distribution, and sales of the product. The local SMEs benefit from manufacturing this product, and this is positively reinforced by the number of local people that love the Marula fruit for various purposes. Communities enjoy various products manufactured from Marula fruit e.g. Marula beer, juice, oil and nuts. The product manufactured from this fruit offers consumers with familiar taste but different flavour. Since our local customers are familiar with mango atchar, innovating a different atchar offers variety to our buyers and consumers.

The product has been tested nutritionally and it went through sensory analysis.

Our marketing efforts include participation in the Phalaborwa is also annual organizer and host of the famous Marula festival which celebrates the local fruit in the area, Marula. The festival offers a great platform to exhibit, market and sell Marula Atchar and other Marula related products like Marula beer, juice, nuts, and oil. The product is already sold locally and market entry in retail stores around the country is undergoing to be finalized.

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Limpopo Agro-Food Technology Station has expertise with advanced tertiary education in food product development, testing, and analysis. The Technology Station, Limpopo Agro-Food Technology Station (LATS), housed at the University of Limpopo, collaborating with a group of SME's around Limpopo Province in the production of Marula Atchar product. This kind of partnership in research collaboration with SME's includes training, development, manufacturing, analysis, and marketing of the product. A pilot plant will be established in Phalaborwa area where a lot of Marula trees are found in Limpopo Province.

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