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Lucy Virgo Trainer Aircraft: Inspired Light-Weight Wings

The Lucy Virgo is a two seater light trainer aircraft intended for general aviation. This modern light trainer aircraft significantly reduces the cost of ownership and the hourly operating costs. All composite construction and advanced aerodynamics and avionics are revolutionary. BradleyAviation is producing the Lucy Virgo Aircraft in significant numbers, as we believe this new high-tech aircraft will revolutionise flight training in South Africa and globally.

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The global aviation industry is entering an era where commercial aviation is growing rapidly, thus creating a demand for trained and competent pilots on a scale never experienced before. The global fleet of light training aircraft in use today is on average more than 30 years old and must be maintained and operated at an ever-increasing cost to both training schools and pupil pilots. The resulting high hourly operating costs of these aircraft make flight training unaffordable for all but a privileged few. This introduces a significant barrier to obtaining a qualification as an airline pilot.

Bradley Aviation Manufacturing aims to develop, certify and large-scale manufacture a new two seater, light aircraft for the global aviation market employing a number of innovative technologies to produce a next generation training aircraft which will thus feature inherently reduced operating costs.

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The life span of small and training aircraft is reaching their lifespan limits within the next three (3) years (2020). Aviation pilot training schools in South Africa only will need at least 270 new aircraft over the next five (5) years. Internationally, flight schools will need twenty thousand (20 000) aircraft over the next five (5) to seven (7) years. The purpose of this project was to design a new ‘State of the Art’ training aircraft with greater technological advantages and aeronautical requirements than currently employed aircraft for training purposes. The Lucy Virgo trainer has the potential to reduce operational costs in a flying school environment by as much as 45%. Moreover, each pilot enrolled in our training courses become a 10% owner of the Lucy Virgo Trainer aircraft.

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A comprehensive user requirement specification for a modern high technology trainer aircraft was obtained from representatives of the pilot training industry. Bradley Aviation Manufacturing has developed a feasible concept design for a modern two seater, light trainer aircraft that significantly reduces both the cost of production, ownership and hourly aircraft operating costs. Produced in significant numbers this new high-tech aircraft will revolutionise flight training globally.

Our purpose is to employ and develop modern innovative technology, know-how, and skills to develop and type certify a state-of-the-art light trainer aircraft and type certified This Lucy Virgo trainer aircraft can be ready for series production in 30 months, and has the potential to occupy a niche in the market for years to come. By employing applied research principles, BradleyAviation will develop our current concept design into a state-of-the-art light trainer aircraft which satisfies the general user requirement specifications and the stringent regulatory and airworthiness requirements. For market acceptance reasons the aircraft needs to be type certified in the USA. However the Lucy Virgo aircraft will be manufactured locally, we aim to produce up to 300 units per annum.

Bradley Aviation Manufacturing plans to establish a final assembly facility at Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria. However, the majority of component manufacture will be subcontracted to existing small and medium manufacturing enterprises.

Since Bradley Aviation Academy will also be training commercial airline pilots at a rate of up to 200 pilots yearly, a significant number of the Lucy Virgo trainer aircraft will be absorbed within the company group.

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By establishing a production line for the Lucy Virgo aircraft locally, the fully developed production line will offer the following benefits to the aviation industry:
a. South Africa will produce a modern, high-technology aircraft for the global market.
b. A new local high-technology aircraft manufacturing industry will be established, creating hundreds of new jobs and career opportunities.
c. Local training schools will benefit from significant operating cost savings, enabling them to train pilots more cost-effectively.
d. The SA economy will benefit through earning significant foreign income.

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