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Qube Electrical storage Energy savings Cost saving Clean water

The LiGE Compressor: Storing Energy in Thin Air The LiGE Compressor can be utilized to produce Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas and/or Air. Primarily, LiGE uses the Compressor as a vital component of our Qube technology as the compressed air storage unit. However is can also be used as a standalone technology. The compressor allows storage of energy as compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas (i.e. air!). The compressed material is kept in a medium volume compressor under very high pressure. This process produces clean usable water and absolutely no carbon emmisions. It consists of a reciprocating two stage compressor driven via a hydraulic by-directional cylinder, which increases the air pressure from 1Bar to 250Bar single stroke at a ratio of 18:1. This is combined with a heat ex-changer and separator on the shell valves and the gas delivery system.

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Distribution Manufacturing
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Production, collection and distribution of electricity
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Technology readiness level 7
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