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Kovsie Brewery: Brewing Culture on Campus

This microbrewery and adjunct Brew School were established in collaboration with University of Free State’s Department of Microbial, Biochemical and Food Biotechnology. Kovsie is dedicated to exploring the science and technology that is involved in brewing the perfect beer. Their philosophy is to brew a bold and exciting beer that will cultivate a passion for craft beer under both the established as well as novice beer drinkers alike. The Dirty Blonde and their Daybreaker Amber Ale are hugely successful.

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The idea behind the production of beer is very simple. The University of the Free State (UFS) is one of the few Universities in the country that does not have a formal course or degree in brewing. As brewing and the production of craft beer is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, we feel the addition of the Kovsie Brewing Brew-school to the department of biotechnology is a necessity. Kovsie Brewing is specialising in bold and exciting brews that are styled for local restaurants and craft beer houses. We also hope to educate individuals interested in the brewing sciences and technology, including the hops and malted barley variants, as well as the vast variety of styles of craft beer. Lastly, we hope to promote awareness for locally produced craft beer and to encourage a responsible drinking culture.

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The Kovsie Brewery Brew School is the first official brewing related academic unit in the history of the UFS campus. 

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Kovsie brewing is situated as an addition to the department of microbial, biochemical and food biotechnology. The brew-school will be run by qualified personnel: Dr. Cason (Biochemistry), Dr. Vermeulen (Molecular Biology), Mr. Rothmann Ph.D. student (Food biotechnology), and Mr. E Hellmuth a Masters student (Microbiology).

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