A short description of the available technology.

Malesela Samuel Mogale Business Enterprise CC uses IBM Mobile First to develop Mobile Apps. We are!/bp-detai... an IBM Registered Partner.

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Keywords related to the available technology.
Intellectual Property Protection: 
Relevant intellectual property protection in place for this technology.
Market need/opportunity: 
Brief description of the technology’s market need.

Mobile App Development

Value proposition/benefits: 
Brief description of the technology’s benefits.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

The attributes of the technology that makes it unique.

We consult at your organisation and develop a custom Mobile App for you.

The main features of the technology are provided.

Integration into Legacy Systems.

Idea behind technology: 
The main idea behind the technology is described.

We used IBM Mobile First to develop our Mobile App available on the Apple App Store.

Team and expertise: 
The team and expertise behind the technology.

Malesela Samuel Mogale Business Enterprise CC

Opportunity type: 
What is the technology owner looking for? E.g. collaboration, investment, sales, etc.
Organisation sector: 
Technological area: 
The technology area relevant to the technology.
Technology Readiness Level: 
The Technology Readiness Level of the available technology. For more information on the Technology Readiness Levels, please follow the link: Technology Readiness Levels
The country in which the technology is/was developed.
The city where the technology developers are based.


Represented organisation or individual: 
The individual or organisation behind the technology.
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Reference number: 
Use this reference number to easily find the technology in future.