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EROS ring Enhance erection O-ring Adjustable Locking strap

EROS Ring: Staying Power

This is an O-ring type product that is placed over the penis shaft (and sometimes the testicles) to aid erection. The main function of the O-ring is to constrict the return blood flow to enhance the erection. There is a need in the market for an adjustable product that can both lock into position and unlock easily. The EROS ring is an O-ring product concept has been developed with a unique adjustable, locking, strap system.

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The EROS ring is a urethane strap that when placed around the shaft of the penis and below the testicles restricts the flow of blood from the genitalia back to the heart thus helping a man maintain an erection during intercourse.

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The key feature differentiating the eros ring from other penis rings (which are typically rubber O-rings) is that it is adjustable, this allows it to adjust to the anatomy of each individual user whereas the existing products come in sizes small, medium and large. Another differentiating feature is the ease of application and removal of the device which is achieved by the locking and unlocking feature of the strap around the genitalia.

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Carl Supra, Hendrich Van Der Merwe, Stephen Bond and Robert Mac Pherson

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