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Rooibos Antioxidant Extract Metabolic Disease

We have developed a technology, which relates to an enriched extract and single active compound from rooibos tea. This compound has a demonstrable effect against a variety of metabolic disorders, a major worldwide health threat. The SAMRC has generated substantial in vitro and in vivo data on the potential health benefits of the compound and extract and has developed a synthetic method for the production of the active ingredient."

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Aspalathus linearis, commonly known as rooibos, is well known for its various health properties, some of which include antioxidant and stress-lowering properties. Rooibos is also rich in polyphenols and is the only plant known to contain the phenolic antioxidant, aspalathin. The aspalathin content of the rooibos plant varies depending on a number of factors, and its concentrations within the plant material is diminished during the fermentation process, which is necessary as the oxidation process results in the characteristic red-brown colour and aromatic flavour. Unfermented (green) rooibos, which is not oxidised, contains much higher levels of aspalathin than the fermented rooibos, this product is commonly prepared as a herbal tea.
Metabolic disorders are commonplace and have dire medical consequences, antioxidants may be able to mitigate the development and consequences of metabolic disorders.

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The SAMRC and the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) have developed a method for the production of aspalathin-enriched green rooibos extract (GRT Extract), containing a minimum of 12% aspalathin, and having a number of beneficial effects in the management of conditions linked to glucose and lipid metabolism. The beneficial effects of aspalathin and aspalathin-rich green rooibos extracts (ARC2 and Afriplex GRT) are based on current and previous research conducted by the SAMRC and others.

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The SAMRC and the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) developed the production method for the GRT Extract together.

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