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Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM): Print Me a Body Part Quick! CRPM at the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) specializes in Additive Manufacturing (AM). CRPM is the local leader in additive manufacturing, the fancy term for 3D printing. Our area of expertise? Since 1997, CRPM has pioneered both the prototyping and production of 3D printed medical devices, implants and prosthetics. We run the first Additive Manufacturing Centre (AMC) countrywide which has the prestigious certification of being ISO 13485 compliant. We have even successfully printed the entire structure of a human ear.

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The Medical Market for 3D printing is large and varied. There is an increasing need for personalized prosthetics or novel solutions for medical implants. Due to CRPM’s ability to offer a streamlined and abbreviated timeline from design to prototype to testing to manufacture to a final product, they are popular for specialized and individual medical cases.

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The medical implants and prosthetics produced by CRPM literally save lives and add quality of life to many more.

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CRPM can manufacture biomedical prototypes in plastic, metal, and sand, final products can be manufactured in several kinds of plastic and Silicon, Steel and Titanium. The prosthetics and implants are completely customizable and producing a once off is not a challenge.

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To create quality of life by producing bespoke medical implants and prosthetics using the most modern technology in the field of additive manufacturing.

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Our team consists of Engineers, Medical Staff and support staff. We are blessed with partners who provide funding as well as technical support.

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