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Waterless Toilet

We have developed a waterless toilet-biogas plant system, inspired by nature’s distinctive ability to reserve energy and maintain zero waste. South Africa and Africa struggle to achieve proper waste management, and the effects of global warming and drought are extensive. This innovation addresses an important need; the toilet is made from a biodegradable polymer layer. Solid waste can drain through the toilet without the need for flushing with water.

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There are no toilets that operate without water in South Africa. Our project is aimed at helping South Africans increase the standard of sanitation, especially in previously disadvantaged communities. Moreover, technology proposes a method to conserve water effortlessly. The technology is inspired by zero waste initiatives, therefore the solid waste collected by this waterless toilet can be utilized to produce green electricity and fertilizer.

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Dr L. Z. Linganiso is well experienced in renewable energy and other initiatives such as biocomposites and petroleum. She has obtained several awards for her expert skills in commercialisation of small to medium enterprises while she was working at the Council for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR) here in South Africa. Her recent research enterprise is based on biocomposite material where she has a patent for reinforcing plastic material with waste sugarcane bagasse and sponsored by TIA for commercialization. Dr. Linganiso will be spending the majority of her time on this project as it forms part of her research in ways to make waste profitable. She will be responsible to ensure contact relevant partnership with the municipality and lead the project to its commercial stage.
Ms. Sarah Mungodla is a motivated Masters student in renewable biofuel technologies she has been well trained before by the South African biogas association. She is also the first student of the Energy Centre at the University of Zululand, and she will spend the majority of her time on this project as it is part of her Masters' research. Ms. Mungodla is responsible for the operation, upgrading, and maintenance of the prototype currently. She will continue developing the business model and the strategy to commercialization this product. She is collaborating with consultants to carry out feasibility studies of commercializing the innovative system. She will also be responsible for the registering a patent for the design.

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