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A reserved parking system that is access controlled through GPS communication and intelligence that can determine a smart phone’s position and automatically open a motorised barrier. The system will enable persons with disability to use any QPark parking space countrywide.

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QPark will protect the parking rights of people with disability and assist visitors who are unfamiliar with a city to find a map of available disability parking spaces reserved for them.

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The QPark system will prevent motorists from using parking spaces reserved for disabled persons. The app would allow visitors who are unfamiliar with a city to find a map of available disability parking spaces reserved for them.

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The lack of designated parking bays for persons with disabilities is an increasing national problem. QPark is an innovative parking system solution for registered users.

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The first access control option entails a traffic light that turns yellow when a vehicle pulls into the parking space. The user has a short time to log into the QPark smartphone app. If the motorist is not a registered user‚ a siren will sound. Another system is a foot-high barrier in the parking space‚ which can be lowered only by using the app. Users will be registered on the app with the help of the Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities’ database.

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QSystems SA (Pty) Ltd CEO, Heinrich Williams, had to adapt to life in a wheelchair after contracting a bacterial infection which resulted in an abscess pressing against his spinal cord. Williams became frustrated with drivers who abuse designated disabled parking spaces and conceptualised QPark to resolve the issue.

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QSystems SA (Pty) Ltd CEO, Heinrich Williams, BTech Industrial Engineer, Currently busy with MBA, has a diverse technical background in Electrical to Mechanical Engineering.

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Port Elizabeth

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