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Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Golden Energy and Resources, GlobalSign.In and ABM Media have created the COVID-19 & Beyond – Innovation For Social Good challenge. The aim of the challenge is to seek innovative ideas to address some of the biggest social challenges and issues of the post-COVID-19 pandemic.

This challenge is open to professionals, startups, SMEs, large corporates across the world. 


SG $15,000 of prize money for each challenge’s winner

Deadline: 05 June 2020, 16:00 GMT+8


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The Challenges

Neighbourhood Communities - How can we enhance trust and reliance within the neighbourhood communities to promote a culture of giving and support, especially for the vulnerable families, by the community for the community?

Migrant Workers Access - How might we reduce the barrier for migrant workers to gain access to healthcare services, food, shelter, information, and rights independently so that they are aware of the help available and can ask and receive help in time?

Food Rescue - How might we leverage digital solutions to create a food rescue or repurpose ecosystem, made up of the food industry, charities, and supporting industry to minimise food wastage in Singapore?

Supply Chain Resources - How might we transform the supply chain into more adaptive, sustainable business models that also meet the demands of societal needs in deeper public-private partnerships?

Workforce Optimisation - How can we leverage digital and other complementary technologies to optimise our workforce and business operations across different locations and countries to support segregation, testing and isolation requirements, ensuring workforce safety while minimising business disruption and cost?

Community Engagement - How might we bring all stakeholders onto a single platform to offer sponsored resources and incentivise their communities for a better match of skills-based volunteering, to ensure accountability of sponsored resources and deliver socially responsible activities together?

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Friday, June 5, 2020
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