Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise (rise) is a non-profit social enterprise registered in the USA and Lesotho. rise focuses on economic development through job creation, skills development and entrepreneurship specifically in the built environment by linking aspiring entrepreneurs in

The mandate of One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre (OBFC) is to promote investment through efficient and effective trade facilitation through the following current and potential future services:

  • Traders Licences

  • Manufacturing Licences

  • Small scale manufacturing licences

  • Export

The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) is a platform of programs and initiatives aimed at growing an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will become a think tank for creating jobs, accelerating innovation and strengthening good entrepreneurial and professional practice. Founded by entrepreneurs and businesses

Higherlife Foundation is a social impact organization that invests in human capital to build thriving individuals, communities and sustainable livelihoods. Founded by Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa in 1996 out of their deep Christian faith, heartfelt compassion as well as personal experiences of

We are a trainining and capacity building entity for construction skillls.

In April 2021, the Lesotho Law Society recognised Orchid Legal Consultants as a business. The firm's main goals are to stop lawsuits before they start, preserve client assets worth protecting, and save client revenue. Along with labor law, the company specializes in corporate law, commercial law

Impact school is a non-profit digital school based in Maseru, Lesotho. Our educational goal is to provide the youth with useful knowledge that is appreciated by the tech industry to support Lesotho and the global tech industry while addressing the shortage of skilled workers, the big gender gap, and

BEDCO is a parastatal of the Government of Lesotho, with a mandate to support entrepreneurial capacity-building programmes, startup incubation,  business advisory, and technical training. 

The Hub at Morija, in Lesotho, is a creative technology lab that provides affordable access to computers, the internet, a library, and digital media training.


KMPDollar & associates provides a range of business development services. The focus is to provide services that add value to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to enhance their competitiveness.

Target Market

  • Start-up businesses
  • Informal/semi-formal enterprises
  • Small and medium

GrindNation is a co-working space in Lesotho that offers the following facilities:

  1. Office space where small businesses can flourish, while saving on overhead costs through the sharing of infrastructure.
  2. A programme for young talent and new businesses.
  3. Support structures by way of workshops