Zanda Empire understands the challenges faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs in accessing affordable marketing solutions. While larger companies dominate with extensive strategies, smaller ventures struggle to compete. We focus on the township, start-up, and small business market, offering

Ubisi Elegance Construction Projects Pty-Ltd is a black-owned enterprise, holding 100% ownership. Our primary focus revolves around delivering solutions for medium to high voltage systems and construction projects, with additional offerings spanning a wide array of services, unrestricted by specific

Mmapro IT Solutions is a provider of Information Technology goods and services and other such related services. 

Prezidentiel is a private investment company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, with holdings in innovative product and service providers. We intend to expand our business over Africa in the future.

Maftown Internet Services PTY LTD is a registered, youth-owned and operated business in Makhubung Village out of Mafikeng, North West Province.

Our primary focus is bringing internet connectivity to less privileged youth without access to the world's information at their fingertips.

We do Wifi and

Duana is a technology company that is focused on improving education and health through innovation. Duana is committed to developing solutions that will improve the lives of people around the world.

Our company was founded in 2022 with the mission of bringing positive change to South Africa through

Leano Multimedia is an AI digital marketing agency with a passion to seize the potential that the African continent has to offer. We aim to deliver exceptional services and products to our clients, helping their brand grow and strengthen with the integration of artificial intelligence 

CRYSTAL WASTE2LIFE is passionate about the three strategic goals of waste minimization, effective and sustainable waste services, awareness and compliance with local and national standards as the correct and the only choice to maintain, restore and reduce the pollution that poses risks not only to

Alcosa provides advise and assistance in relation to asset management, investment and logistics.

Wesmop is a decarbonisation solution for high-emitting industries, Wesmop is a carbon capture for utilisation and fertiliser manufacturing business. We capture carbon dioxide from industrial resources and reuse the captured carbon to manufacture carbon-based fertilisers. 

We are providers of hardware, building supplies, and construction services such as maintenance, remodeling, and general building.

Sekelisizwe is a company that mainly assists its clients in fulfilling their service delivery responsibilities and in contracting services for opportunities that our clients present.

The goal of Sekelisizwe is to establish a solid business foundation through meeting deadlines and providing