Caprino Farms is a smallstock farming company that specializes in raising goats and sheep primarily for the production of meat. Because of the scarcity and inadequate supply of Lamb, Mutton, and Chevon, Caprino Farms decided to engage in large-scale commercial and intensive smallstock production

Destiny Decoded (Pty) Ltd is a standard and registered company that was located in Selibe-Phikwe Town, Botswana. Established by Mr. Thabang Morapedi with an aim to recycle waste tyres and convert into building, construction products after finding out that companies which provide such services are

Weekdays Supplies cultivates and distributes a variety of vegetables, focusing on the large-scale production of potatoes, butternut, green beans, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, beetroots, and herbs.

First-Aid Counselling offers digital platforms that help users access mental health services instantly and anonymously, from any mobile device at anytime, anywhere at the lowest rates.

We have a database of over 110 mental health practitioners and our mental health content covers 132 mental health

We exist to provide quality health care and management of livestock especially for small-scale farmers by providing affordable mobile livestock managers. Our promise is to grow livestock quality and numbers.

A renowned provider of cybersecurity services, MCS Security Solutions is situated in Botswana and provides training, certification programs, risk management, penetration testing, digital forensics, and cyber crime investigation. In order to empower the future, MCS Security develops cutting-edge, all

Agrinect is a sustainable digital enterprise that curbs food insecurity and commercial farmers' cost of marketing and transportation of farm produce in Botswana and across Africa by connecting farmers with their target market making Agrinect a huge intermediary. We provide an innovative digital

Clauseph Enterprises is a green technology startup with a goal to manufacture environmentally sustainable products using locally sourced raw materials and a long term vision of rural industrialisation through manufacturing in rural communities.

A digital consultancy firm offering Agribusiness expertise, project management and program development for youth and women farmers around Botswana. We also offer online capacity building training workshops and seminars.

We produce juices, jams, and animal feed made entirely from sugarcane, watermelon, and sweet reed.

We are a budding brand strategy and digital design studio, invested in creating impactful visual brand solutions for a diverse range of clients in Botswana and Southern Africa. Using graphic design to create brand identities and promotional materials for small businesses, as well as rounded

We keep point of layer pullets for egg production, so our main product is eggs, we also sell Unproductive layers at the end of their cycle.