Giiktech, established in 2022, is a dynamic and forward-thinking technology solutions provider based in South Africa. As a hub of innovation and digital transformation, we specialize in a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the modern needs of businesses of all sizes. Our offerings

Hidpro Marketing Solutions specializes in a variety of services designed to help businesses grow and succeed. Our customized solutions include expert lead generation strategies, comprehensive business solution prospecting, targeted email marketing campaigns, and much more. With a focus on measurable

Heria Naturals is a natural-based business providing natural-based medicine to our clients to assist in a natural approach to healing ailments. 

Our natural products include; THC oil, CBD oil, wound ointment, cannabis honey, CBD Soap right through to Moringa and Immune+ products 

ALLXPREAS is a dynamic small supply and delivery company specializing in wholesale distribution, food supply, catering, and office supplies. We strive to provide our clients with high-quality products and services while prioritizing efficiency, dependability, and customer satisfaction.

We are a Sita-accredited reseller and installer of information communication technology (ICT). 

We offer Networking and IP CCTV Installation services. 

Crane Tech Innovations is a pioneering company in the field of computers, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. With our commitment to quality in motion, we aim to bring positive change to communities by harnessing the power of innovation.

Key Focus Areas:
Advanced Computing

Global analysis suggests that more than 20% of businesses are veering off track in meeting their targets for reducing emissions under Scope 1 (from owned and operated assets) and Scope 2 (from purchased electricity and fuel). Moreover, over a third are poised to miss their objectives for reducing

Peaceful Africa is a waste management and waste symbiosis company. We do Health Care Waste Management and Industrial Symbiosis. 

Excal Consulting offers electronics training accredited by MICTSETA and provides repair services for consumer electronics products. Additionally, we are currently in the prototyping phase of manufacturing renewable energy products.

We grow Vertiver grass used for land rehabilitation and soil erosion. 

Enchanting Elegance Beauty Line is a nail salon that offers manicure and pedicure services and also sells beauty products such as hair and facial products.

Our website creation service ensures that businesses and individuals have polished, functional, and visually captivating websites to effectively showcase their online presence. Additionally, our internet café amenities offer a convenient and cozy setting for customers to browse the web, complete