Simple Source is a startup that develops custom software for business. Our main product at the moment is Simple Books which is a desktop and mobile application that does financials for small businesses. Our software is developed to be simple to use even for people with minimal computer skills. We

We write and publish crop production manuals. We also provide consultation in the crop production field. 

Khanyasive Investments  trading as Agrolife Nursery produces high quality vegetable seedlings for both commercial and small-scale farmers in Eswatini. The business is located in Malkerns and was established in 2021 after realising that there is insufficient supply of vegetable seedlings in Eswatini

Nkhata Blessing Investments is a female-owned and run business trading as BEE'S ORGANICS, it produces organic hair and skin care products, and its headquarters are in Manzini, Eswatini.

Its products have been piloted and sold for over a year and are being received well in the market.

Our hair

Afrishopon is an online shopping company providing an online shopping platform to local shops and customers. Customers pay through the website via MTN MoMo and Credit Cards and get their products delivered.

Good health and a thriving body are the foundation of a happy life. This includes specific disease prevention, weight loss and health management. We produce high-quality herbal, proper nutrition coaching and training.

Swazi Organics is a producer and distributor of Compost. Our vision is to be recognised Nationally as The Farmer's Choice for Fertiliser. Our mission is to provide premium organic products that restore, maintain, and enhance soil quality. 

Futuristic Investment is a courier company based in Eswatini' 

The Waffle Palace is Eswatini's first-ever waffles specialist with a tasty, unique, quirky waffles experience.
It was established in 2017 and operates as a home-based business offering delivery-only services. In light of increased demand for the products, we opened our first eatery in Manzini

Eswatini Diagnostic Radiology Services provides health services to societies including ultrasound services, Xrays screening, cervical cancer screening, breast screening, fluoroscopy screening and many more,

We hire trucks and tractors that are struggling to get contract deals with big companies and subcontract them to various sectors that require the use of a truck or tractor.

La 'Luna is an agricultural company that supplies day-old chicks to local farmers. We have three breeds: Broilers, indigenous and layers. We supply vaccines as well.