Imaging and therapeutic facility that diagnoses and treats diseases early.

NuMeRI is a one-stop-shop medical nuclear imaging and therapeutic facility dedicated to drug development and clinical research for the benefit of the South African, African and global healthcare sectors. As a research facility, it provides enabling support for healthcare research and development to academia and commercial healthcare companies (pharmaceutical and biotechnology).

Its purpose is to facilitate research, innovation and value generation in areas of country-and region-specific health challenges.


There are multiple ways to access NuMeRi services to improve the health industry’s nuclear medicine capabilities. These include:

  • Clinical Unit: That serves as a one-stop-shop medical imaging and therapeutic facility dedicated to drug development and clinical research
  • Radiopharmacy: Equipped with state-of-the-art good manufacturing practice (GMP) radiopharmacy to ensure high-quality radiopharmaceuticals, both therapeutic and diagnostic
  • Basic and Translational Research: This enables the development of tailored diagnostics and therapies to address communicable and non-communicable diseases pertinent to our African population
  • Pre-clinical Imaging: This assists in disease modelling, drug development, treatment response assessment, non-invasive and longitudinal studies, translational research, and image-guided interventions
  • Medical Physics and Radiobiology (MPR): MPR division consists of the disciplines of radiation protection, medical physics, and radiobiology in the practice of nuclear medicine, providing a comprehensive approach to cancer control using radiation science technology and radiobiological data
  • Node of Infection Imaging: Is used to identify and locate sites of infection in the body to expedite the development of drugs to address national priority diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB)

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Imaging enables a deeper look inside the body to see and recognise diseases before many other medical equipment or procedures can. This knowledge is used to inform the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Early detection enables diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis (TB) and heart diseases, to be treated early and improve the quality-of-life outcome.

Industry Sectors

NuMeRi welcomes partnerships with health entities and businesses nationally and internationally. In the collaborative spirit of all research infrastructures around the world, we offer Open Access and welcome engagement and the sharing of ideas and advancements with:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Public and private imaging facilities
  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies
  • Medical practitioners, locally and internationally

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