Building world-class Omics facilities to support students and researchers in Omics sciences.

Enabling and strengthening Omics capacity by supporting research laboratories.

DIPLOMICS is a national research infrastructure established to build world-class Omics capacity in South Africa by offering support to research laboratories that work in the broad field of Omics sciences.

DIPLOMICS supports our partner laboratories by; deploying the latest instruments; working with industry to provide comprehensive maintenance and service contracts; and installing laboratory information management systems. We also offer advanced technician training through specialised courses and workshops.

We maintain a central portal for information on Omics resources and opportunities. We gather information and data that enable stakeholders, such as policymakers and practitioners, to identify key areas for intervention.

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There are multiple Omics resources available to support the health, agriculture and animal farming industries, including:

  • Labs with advanced technologies and expertise in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics
  • Project design and data analysis services through Clarity, a bioinformatics marketplace
  • A broad range of training opportunities


Omics sciences and technologies are fundamental capabilities for critical disease diagnosis, determining effective treatments and drug development in human health, as well as for agriculture, through crop optimisation and production.

Omics scientists use sophisticated instruments to support our partner laboratories by giving them access to the latest equipment, lab technician support, and information systems that support effective research and precision medicine.

Industry Sectors

DIPLOMICS welcomes research partners nationally and internationally to increase access for students and researchers using Omics technology and expertise, while building a world-class Omics infrastructure in South Africa. We invite:

  • Research laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Public researchers and related facilities; and
  • Universities
DIPLOMICS in detail.
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