Improving health, safety and enhancing performance with the power of machine learning.

Stone Three improves workplace productivity with the power of machine learning technology and process optimisation, with a focus on occupational health & safety in complex mining environments.

Stone Three is an industrial 4.0 IoT company that combines expert services with the power of machine learning to help businesses increase their operational productivity, and keep their people safer, happier, and healthier. It is committed to increasing productivity by solving difficult real-time measurement problems through industrial artificial intelligence enabled machine vision systems. To further enhance this, Stone Three provides remote process monitoring, diagnostics services and solutions supported by deep domain knowledge and AI through their SmartROCs (Remote Operations Centers) situated globally.

Stone Three also works to improve people’s Health & Safety in the workplace by providing industrial health solutions through clinical expertise and consulting services, complemented by technology platforms. In addition, to further support the industry’s aim of Zero Harm, Stone Three provides digital video safety solutions that detect and alert when adverse events occur in complex and difficult environments.

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Stone Three leads with people and harnesses technology to offer services and solutions for the following:

Stone Three’s range of AI-powered digital productivity solutions has been adopted by leading enterprises across the globe. These include:

  • AI-augmented smart sensors across minerals processing for crushing, grinding and flotation.
  • Enablers for remote processing, asset monitoring and diagnostics through our SmartROC’s (Remote Operations Centres).
  • Packaged crushing, grinding and flotation analytical solutions and services through our Advanced Process Control (APC).
  • Control health and benchmarking through predictive analytics and real-time intervention models.
  • Engineering and data scientist teams that can offer training and end-to-end solutions for mining specialisations.


  • Telehealth solutions that combine video conferencing and clinical device integration.
  • VSA and Digital Twins – Video Safety Analytics and digital road mapping to monitor your employees and their respective work environments.
  • Absenteeism, fatigue monitoring and digital health & hygiene – For an all-inclusive offering to occupational health administrators.

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By combining expert services with the power of machine learning, Stone Three can create a world where operational productivity can be improved and the human endeavour is safer, healthier and more productive.

Industry Sectors

Stone Three provides support to businesses across various industries, including:

  • Operational Productivity focussed on small to large-scale mining companies, both national and global.
  • Occupational Healthcare, catering to hospitals and clinics.
  • Occupational Safety tailored to hazardous work environments.