Data, and the effective management of it, is key to a robust, sustainable future.

Our world is driven by data. But gathering and managing the sheer volume of information so that it can be effectively utilised takes incredible computer power. The National Integrated Cyber Infrastructure System, or NICIS, offers super computing capabilities that ensure participation in the global economy and the ability to remain competitive in key industries.

NICIS provides high-performance computing capability, high-speed network capacity and a national research data infrastructure to enable various research and development innovations globally. By investing in super computing capabilities, South Africa can participate in the global economy and be competitive in key industries.


NICIS offers a wide range of services to the research community which include:

  • Infrastructure such as super computers, high speed broadband, data analytics and simulation software.
  • Technical expertise, giving partners access to some the best skill in the country.
  • Engineers and scientists are also able to offer end-to-end solutions.


We enable access to high performance computing capabilities that shorten the time of innovation and provide more accurate results. High speed broadband connects all research institutions in the country which include universities and science councils. Data intensive research services include data analytics and curation that transforms big data into a valuable asset to support research outcomes and decision making.

Industry Sectors

NICIS welcomes the science and engineering community from:

  • Universities
  • Science councils
  • Industries in engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health, finance, mining and telecommunication.
  • BRICS GRAIN Working Group visits the CHPC
  • Hardware and coding training
  • CSIR, DSI and DBE converge to drive coding and computer hardware human capital development