Overview of Business

Monichron helps 5 million South Africans breathe easier by monitoring their breathing in real time providing them with the security that if they have a problem someone will be alerted on time with accurate health data. We assist 500 thousand epileptic patients to sleep easier knowing their epileptic fits are being monitored.

Our Unique Approach

  • We test people’s lungs and monitor their oxygen
  • Our smartwatch sends a person’s vital information including 02, ECG, temperature, HR, epileptic fit, location (within a meter) and any other event information to a central patient record.
  • We link events obtained and vital information to medication and diet, building medical intelligence •
  • Better communication with built-in SIM, WIFI and Bluetooth for LORA, GPRS, M1, EDGE, LTE etc.
  • Device acts as a hub for other bluetooth devices to connect through 
  • We build intelligent medical devices
Stage of Business
Industries Served
Human health and social work activities
Medical Devices
Health Technologies
Country / HQ
South Africa
Required areas of assistance
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