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Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
Reduce inequality within and among countries

Efforts have been made in some countries to reduce income inequality, increase zero-tariff access for exports from LDCs and developing countries, and provide additional assistance to LDCs and small island developing States (SIDS). However, progress will need to accelerate to reduce growing disparities within and among countries.


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University of South Africa

The technology involves a method and an apparatus for treating a fluid, using nanoscience. Impurities in the fluid are trapped by nanoparticles. The fluid is contained in a reactor that includes a...

University of South Africa

This technology provides a method for making a nanofluid by nuclear irradiating a mixture of a base fluid and precursor to form the nanofluid. Nanofluids exhibit superior thermal properties such as...

University of South Africa

The technology relates to a sol-gel based, uniform carbon-coating method for producing high-performance lithium-ion batteries. This method makes use of organic phosphoric acid as carbon and phosphoric...

University of the Western Cape

Almost 1 million South African Deaf people use South African Sign Language (SASL) as their primary means of communication as often they cannot speak, read nor read lips in any of the eleven official...

University of the Western Cape

Connecting Communities

Zenzeleni is a solar-powered, community-owned Wifi telecommunications network solution providing affordable communications to remote rural areas. Through the use of wireless...