Overview of Business

Lago Medical Supplies is a growing medical supplies company that was founded by Julia Nambinga in 2018. It is a female-led start-up company that aims to provide affordable and high- quality healthcare wear and equipment to health professionals in Namibia. The CEO, saw a niche in catering for the growing population of Medical Students in Namibia as well as all health professionals alike. Accessibility and affordability is of great importance at Lago Medical Supplies (LMS). The company is run and administered by medical students, this aids in allowing a clear understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals in our country. Currently, goods provided by LMS include an assortment of scrubs, lab coats, stethoscopes and oximeters. LMS is currently in the process of branching into the supply of penlights, digital bp machines, thermometers, crocs, tourniquets and an array of other medical equipment. The Lago Medical Supplies team encourages entrepreneurial spirit, transparency and exceptional service provision.

Stage of Business
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Human health and social work activities
Medical Devices
Health Technologies
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