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Southern Implants is a leading provider of unique and innovative dental implant products with a focus on top-end professional users who want more choices.  Southern’s expertise in research, development and manufacturing of dental implants allows us to provide Innovative Treatment Solutions that will reduce treatment times and improve patient outcomes.

The company was established in 1987 and is headquartered in South Africa.  Our global network of professional representatives are dedicated and committed to provide high level technical support. We aim to compliment the clinician’s ability to deliver exemplified standards of care to their patients and referral base.

Southern Implants is focused on the top-end specialist sector of the implant market. Our product range is continually being expanded to incorporate the newest technologies and trends. Where many of our competitors are rationalizing their product range, Southern is offering more choices.

At Southern Implants, we are a dental manufacturing company that specializes in the development of cutting-edge dental implants. Our institution possesses various capacities, expertise, platforms, and infrastructure that are specifically tailored to support and drive innovation within the dental device ecosystem.

Capacity and Expertise:
We take pride in our team of specialized Biomedical engineers who possess extensive experience and knowledge in dental implant design and development. Their expertise spans various disciplines, including materials science, mechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to create innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of dental implantology.

Platforms and Infrastructure:
To facilitate our dental device innovation and manufacturing processes, we have established state-of-the-art platforms and infrastructure. These include:

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): Our institution is equipped with advanced SEM technology, enabling high-resolution imaging and analysis of dental implant surfaces and structures. This capability helps us assess the quality, integrity, and performance of our implants at a microscopic level.

Fatigue Testers: We utilize fatigue testers to evaluate the mechanical properties and durability of our dental implants. This equipment allows us to simulate real-world conditions and assess the long-term performance and reliability of our implant designs.

Milling Machines: Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with precision milling machines, which enable us to fabricate dental implant components with exceptional accuracy and quality. These machines contribute to the production of customized implants that meet the specific needs of patients and dental professionals.

Confocal Microscopes: We leverage confocal microscope technology to perform detailed surface analyses and 3D imaging of dental implant structures. This capability allows us to evaluate the topography, roughness, and dimensional accuracy of our implants, ensuring optimal integration with the patient's jawbone.

Other Medical Production Equipment: We employ a range of specialized medical production equipment tailored to dental implant manufacturing. These tools and machinery enable us to carry out processes such as precision machining, surface treatment, sterilization, and quality control.

Through the combination of our expertise, cutting-edge platforms, and advanced infrastructure, Southern Implants is committed to driving innovation and delivering high-quality dental implant solutions. We continually strive to enhance the field of dental implantology by pushing the boundaries of design, testing, and manufacturing technologies.
Academic department involvement
At Southern Implants, we have a dedicated Clinical Affairs Department that plays a crucial role in our operations. This department focuses on research, medical device data collection, and ensuring the safety and efficacy of our dental implants. Our Clinical Affairs team collaborates closely with healthcare professionals, researchers, and regulatory bodies to gather valuable insights and conduct studies that contribute to the advancement of dental implantology.

Key responsibilities of our Clinical Affairs Department include:

- Research and Data Collection: Our Clinical Affairs team conducts clinical studies and gathers relevant data to assess the performance and clinical outcomes of our dental implants. They collaborate with external research institutions and dental professionals to collect data on implant success rates, patient satisfaction, and other important metrics.

- Regulatory Compliance: Our Clinical Affairs Department ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and standards for medical devices. They stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and guidelines to ensure that our dental implants meet the necessary safety and quality standards.

- Post-Market Surveillance: The team is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of our dental implants after they have been launched into the market. This includes gathering feedback from patients and healthcare professionals, tracking adverse events, and implementing corrective actions if necessary.

- Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals: Our Clinical Affairs team collaborates with dental professionals and opinion leaders to gather insights and feedback on our dental implant designs, usability, and clinical outcomes. This collaboration helps us refine our products and ensure they meet the needs of both patients and practitioners.

In addition to the Clinical Affairs Department, our engineering teams are involved in product development and testing. These teams work closely with our Biomedical engineers to bring new dental implant designs to fruition. They utilize their technical expertise to assist in prototyping, manufacturing processes, and testing of our implant designs.

Our engineering teams are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to translate concepts into tangible products. They collaborate closely with the Clinical Affairs Department to ensure that the developed implants meet the required safety and performance criteria.

By integrating the efforts of our Clinical Affairs Department and engineering teams, Southern Implants strives to develop and deliver dental implants that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.
Researcher involvement
At Southern Implants, we have a diverse and global team of researchers who contribute their expertise and knowledge to our company. Our research team comprises professionals from various backgrounds, including engineers, medical scientists, and medical clinicians. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to benefit from a broad range of perspectives and insights, fostering innovation and excellence in dental implant development.

Engineers: Our team of engineers plays a pivotal role in the research and development of dental implants. They bring their expertise in areas such as materials science, mechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering to design and optimize implant structures, materials, and manufacturing processes. Their focus is on creating implants that are durable, biocompatible, and capable of integrating seamlessly with the patient's jawbone.

Medical Scientists: The presence of medical scientists within our research team adds a valuable dimension to our work. These professionals possess a deep understanding of medical principles and contribute their knowledge in areas such as biocompatibility, biomaterials, and tissue regeneration. They collaborate with engineers to ensure that our dental implants meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Medical Clinicians: Our research team includes medical clinicians, such as dentists and oral surgeons, who bring their clinical expertise to the table. Their firsthand experience in patient care and understanding of clinical challenges guide our research and development efforts. They provide valuable insights into the needs and preferences of dental professionals and patients, helping us create implants that address real-world clinical scenarios.

Global Collaboration: Our researchers are located across the world, allowing us to leverage diverse perspectives and benefit from a global knowledge exchange. This global collaboration facilitates access to different healthcare systems, patient populations, and clinical expertise. It enables us to develop dental implant solutions that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of various regions and populations.

By fostering collaboration among our global team of researchers, Southern Implants ensures that our dental implant innovations are driven by a deep understanding of engineering principles, medical science, and clinical practice. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to create dental implants that are safe, effective, and capable of transforming the lives of patients and the practice of dental professionals worldwide.
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