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mLab is seeking proposals from emerging enterprises in the start-up phase, or enterprises whose proposed solutions are not older than 5 years, and that clearly address any of the problem statements; 

  1. High Loss to Follow-up Rate for HIV and TB Patients - Innovative solutions are needed to link patients to treatment and ensure their retention in care.
  2. Undiagnosed TB Cases and Transmission Risk - Innovative approaches to increase TB awareness, testing, and early diagnosis, and improved patient agency.
  3. Loss to Follow-up Among PLHIV in the First Six Months of Treatment - Innovative solutions are needed to enhance patient tracking and ensure continuity of care for PLHIV.
  4. Supporting TB and HIV integration
  5. Patient Mobility and Fragmented Healthcare Record
  6. Patient Mobility and Fragmented Healthcare Records

The applicant must be a South African registered entity. Preference will be given to those solutions that are at an advanced development stage or close to market pilot/entry. However, novel early-stage solutions that have been clearly substantiated may also be considered. University teams are also encouraged to apply.

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