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The CSIR has been undertaking research and development on lithium manganese nickel oxide (LMNO) based cathode materials. The research focuses on enhancing safety, reducing production costs, increasing battery capacity, higher voltage and increased lifecycle. The laboratory process optimisation...

The UCT invention describes a method and point of care test for diagnosing symptomatic and asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and bacterial vaginosis (BV). STIs and BV cause inflammation in the female genital tract. In resource-limited settings, BV and STIs are managed according...

The offering is a large library of molecular biology enzymes. Among these, DNA Ligases, DNA polymerases and DNA endonucleases (comprising guided genome editing nucleases).  This pipeline of technologies and product prospects at different stages of...

Biometrics - using the ear, iris and fingerprint for the automatic recognition of children's identities from birth until adulthood

This technology is an innovation of both hardware and software for acquisition of fingerprints, ear shape and iris patterns for biometric recognition of...

Aeroswift is a collaboration project between the CSIR-National Laser Centre (NLC) and Aerosud ITC to develop a prototype titanium additive manufacturing (AM) machine tool capable of producing aircraft certifiable parts in a large envelope configuration.  Aeroswift technology is based on the...

This technology is for wireless networking and permits wireless communications at faster rates (in the presence of interference), at longer distances, and using less power (saving battery power in low power devices). This is achieved at the expense of slightly more complex hardware and...
Surface deformation caused by shallow underground mining poses a risk to health and safety, as well as infrastructure and the environment. Azimuth is designed to detect, measure and monitor mining-induced surface deformation using state-of-the-art satellite imaging technology. The service...
A low-cost general interface platform that enables the real-time monitoring and controlling of water distribution network components, such as the water meter, pressure logger and the flow valve.

The RockPulse is a technology developed primarily for the mining industry to observe and process micro-seismic data in real-time. The technology finds application in providing early warning of unsafe conditions due to rock mass instability and many site-specific rock engineering investigations,...

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The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is helping develop the National Health Patient Registration System, which will help improve the service that ordinary South Africans receive at public health facilities.

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In short: The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is helping develop the National Health Patient Registration System, which will help improve the service that ordinary South Africans receive at public health facilities.

The challenge: Lack of efficient electronic systems

As a result of resource constraints, many marginalised communities receive suboptimal health services. One of the challenges is that insufficient record keeping of patient data leads to delays, duplication or incomplete patient history profiles.

The technology deployed or developed: Knowledge of patient demographics and a record of patient movement through health facilities are fundamental in delivering integrated healthcare services and are required for planning aspects of the national health system. The CSIR and the National Department of Health partnered to develop the National Health Patient Registration System, which allows for the registration and identity verification of patients at public health facilities.

Impact: The system has thus far been deployed in 1 859 facilities and 6 355 759 registrations have been captured on a central database. (Statistics: 2016/17 CSIR annual report)


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