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This Integrated algal ponding system (IAPS) is capable of treating wastewater from multiple sources, including industrial, abattoir, tannery, winery, distillery, acid mine drainage waste and domestic sewage wastewater. The IAPS treats, recovers and reuses water, yielding high quality disinfected...

Improved Alkaline-Activated Slag Composition: Green Mortar Solution

The invention relates to the development of both an improved alkaline-activated slag (AAS) composition as well as a dry mixed ready-to-use alkaline-activated slag (AAS) composition. The ready-to-use AAS can be pre-packed...

From Water to Wonder

Using sugar cane ash, lime powder, fly-ash and industrial waste as our raw materials we have developed a method of manufacturing and developing compressed green bricks. The purpose is to carry out a pilot scale the manufacturing project and scale-up into mainstream...

A short description of the funding opportunity.

The CIP aims to leverage investment by supporting infrastructure that is deemed to be critical, thus lowering the cost of doing business.

A short description of the funding opportunity.

The CPFP is a cost-sharing grant that contributes to the cost of feasibility studies likely to lead to projects that will increase local exports and stimulate the market for South African capital goods and services.

CEILING IN A CAN (CiC) is a patented innovation that aims to create better living conditions for indigent people by providing an instant ceiling. This fresh technology originating from MUT involves two 5 liter cans containing different polymers. By spreading newspaper on the floor and mixing the...

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