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Keywords related to the available technology.
Gold leaching Gold ore Probe Submerged Automated carbon concentration measurements

Online Carbon Concentration Measurement for Gold Processing Plants: Optimal Gold Adsorption. A critical parameter for efficient operation of CIL/CIP processes is accurate measurement and control of carbon concentration. Traditional measurement methods are manual, time-consuming and inaccurate, leading to poor process control and gold loss. The C2 Meter is a probe designed to continuously measure adsorption in the tank pulp. Comprising of a matched transmitter/receiver pair of piezoelectric ceramic transducers, it generates and measures ultrasonic signal attenuation.

What is the technology owner looking for? E.g. collaboration, investment, sales, etc.
The industry(s) relevant to the technology. Which industries can benefit from this technology?
Mining of gold and uranium ore
The Technology Readiness Level of the available technology. For more information on the Technology Readiness Levels, please follow the link: Technology Readiness Levels
Technology readiness level 9
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