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In the manufacture of textiles, clothing and leather goods, using a nanoparticle catalyst this one-step wastewater treatment system activates a powerful oxidiser. This produces sulfate radicals in the wastewater which will degrade the inorganic pollutants. These highly reactive nanoparticles are immobilised in a special system, allowing for the re-usage of effluent water in one continuous process. Thus, less input water is necessary to achieve effective treatment, reducing the cost of purifying large volumes of wastewater.

What is the technology owner looking for? E.g. collaboration, investment, sales, etc.
Investment Manufacturing
The industry(s) relevant to the technology. Which industries can benefit from this technology?
Manufacture of textiles, clothing and leather goods
The Technology Readiness Level of the available technology. For more information on the Technology Readiness Levels, please follow the link: Technology Readiness Levels
Technology readiness level 6
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