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In the manufacture of textiles, clothing and leather goods, using a nanoparticle catalyst this one-step wastewater treatment system activates a powerful oxidiser. This produces sulfate radicals in the wastewater which will degrade the inorganic pollutants. These highly reactive nanoparticles are immobilised in a special system, allowing for the re-usage of effluent water in one continuous process. Thus, less input water is necessary to achieve effective treatment, reducing the cost of purifying large volumes of wastewater.

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The COORTech Reactor System developed at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology is a one-step waste water treatment system consisting of highly reactive nanoparticles immobilized in a specialised reactor system for the purpose of treating industrial wastewater resulting from the manufacture of textiles, clothing and leather goods. The system utilizes a nanoparticle catalyst, which activates an oxidizer in order to produce sulfate radicals that attack and degrade inorganic pollutants (such as dyes) in the wastewater. The system allows the re-usage of effluent water in one continuous process, thereby reducing the use of input water and lowering operating cost.

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This technology eliminates the extra operating step and cost of removing catalyst residues and sludge from the effluent water. The system does not produce by-products which fouls the membranes, and thus the effluent water can be reused multiple times. The reactor operates at a competitively low pressure (max 4kPa) relative to membrane technology, which requires a minimum pressure of 100kPa. The COORTech reactor can be incorporated into existing wastewater treatment plants.

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Due to the low pressure which the COORTech reactor operates (max 4kPa) being significantly lower than that of membrane technology, (requires a minimum pressure of 100kPa) this technology can be said to be superior in its field.

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A reactor that would cause the breakdown of inorganic matter in industrial wastewater but does not require high pressures to operate.

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