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GreenTest is a compact, award-winning, device that tests nitrate levels in fruit, vegetables, meat, and water, helping people to quantify their daily nitrate intake and make healthier choices. The food-safe nitrate levels are determined on the bases of the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. Nitrate occurs naturally in fruit and vegetables, and in small amounts is not harmful, but over the years the level of nitrate occurring in food has increased due to modern agricultural methods. This device accurately detects dangerous nitrate content in more than 64 types of fruit and vegetables as well as background radiation and radiation levels or a particular object. The nitrate tester also tests the TDS level in water for safe consumption. 

With conditions like cancer on the rise, it is clear that greater precautions need to be taken to choose foods that will not only provide immediate nourishment but will also manage our future health and wellbeing. Nitrates in food have been linked with cancer and thus are very important to be conscious of in our food. Therefore, the ability to test our own food for nitrate content is both revolutionary and extremely empowering for the consumer.

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What is the technology owner looking for? E.g. collaboration, investment, sales, etc.

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Government to change the law so that Farmers and Food distributors test the food


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Cancer is a leading cause of deaths   worldwide, accounting for 8.8 million deaths in 2015

1 in 4 Globally

Global Cost for cancer is $1.6 trillion

1 in 3 in South Africa are affected.

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Tests 60 Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Water & Radiation

95% test accuracy

Under 3 seconds

Portable & Light Weight

qLong Life Battery – 2 Weeks

USB Charging

5 Languages

Sleek Design

Helps consumer quantify their Nitrate intake

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Prevention of Diseases

Change consumer behaviour

Improve the quality of food you consume

Tests Nitrates in Water, Fruit, Vegetable and Background Radiation

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To prevent cancer in the wake of the feeling that too many family members passed away from cancer.

Global Goal - Health & Wellbeing

Educate the public



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Damian Michael - 20 years experience in technology

Mark Jenneker - 15 years experience as a Pharmacist

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