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The large 18kg and smaller 9kg Mashesha stoves are contextually suited to African style outdoor cooking. The large stove particularly is well suited for mass communal cooking. Built as a compact double- barrelled metal chambered drum with strategically placed air vents, significantly small amounts of wood are combusted and heat production is prolonged. These stoves are safe and can be fuelled by very nominal amounts of a biomass based combustive source. To complement our Mashesha stove technology we produce and sell a cheap and reliable energy efficient fuel source which is made from waste cardboard, saw dust and grass. These ‘recycled’ biomass briquettes burn as effectively as wood, making it an ideal and cost effective combustion fuel for use with the Mashesha stoves.

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We have identified that there are about 11 500 rural schools in South Africa and 9 000 0000 households cooking on unhealthy, energy inefficient and environmentally disastrous open fires in order to feed learners and families daily. Schools and educators have acknowledged the need for the innovation. We further believe that an adjacent market exists in worker compounds / hostels where food is prepared and in urban townships where electricity outages might impact on daily family cooking and cleaning needs.

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We design and sell fuel-efficient stoves that cook with large pots, for institutional use and smaller ones for households. Our stoves use biomass/wood fuel, but use half of the fuel normally required with open fires and are a lot safer to use, as a closed gasification process for combustion is used.

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