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Keywords related to the available technology.
water and waste water treatment oil or water separation and distillation

The invention includes the development of membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment, oil or water separation and the distillation of clean water. This method does not make use of toxic solvents and does not generate hazardous waste which will negatively affect the environment. The invention method is also applicable to micro-filtration and ultra-filtration membrane applications. The invention has a porosity size of greater than 1 micron, which aids in the removal of bacteria and viruses from the water, rendering the water clean enough to drink. The porosity also allows thorough air purification in hospitals, since fine porosity traps the bacteria causing tuberculosis.

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Waste reuse, recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal
The Technology Readiness Level of the available technology. For more information on the Technology Readiness Levels, please follow the link: Technology Readiness Levels
Technology readiness level 6
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