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A lighting fixture that is designed as a surface mounted holder for down lights. This surface mounted unit eliminates the need to install additional wiring and wall switches when increasing the number of light fixtures thereby reducing electrical costs. The DIY unit is manufactured from recycled plastic, the colour of which is completely customisable. The unit eliminates the need for bulk heads providing a modern retro look and can be coupled with either 4, 7 or 8 additional electrical sockets. The unit also has an adaptor feature that allows multiple fixtures to be added without the need for additional wiring."

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Downlights are now the most commonly used lighting due to its efficiency but downlighting can be a costly system to install. The design of this system allows for a quick and easy change to downlighting at a fraction of the normal cost.
The system has been designed using recycled plastic.

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The team comprises on one individual, Mr. Heeran Manilal, the founder, designer, and developer of the complete product.

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