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We deliver tailor-made costing and revenue models engineered specifically to improve your profitability and provide clarity around your net margins, resource usage and sales targets.
Ideal for forward-thinking entrepreneurs that have found product-market fit and are looking to accelerate growth.

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Pricing Model

*Don’t guess your price, determine it

The pricing model will allow you to determine final selling prices from your cost price and safe margin - (Calculated from your overheads and profit targets). Based on your monthly sales target you will be able to forecast your revenue, cost of sales, profit and overheads covered.

Forecast Model

*Stay ahead of the game

The costing model will allow you to determine your cost prices based on the resource usage required. The system will automatically calculate the cost price for each offer and give you an indication of how much resources will be required to meet your sales targets. You will be able to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies through a sales forecast.

Financial Model

*Have a blueprint of your business

The financial model is connected with your forecasting and pricing model and will allow you to make an informed business decision based on a forecast of your income statement, cash flow, balance sheet, payroll and more.


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Scaling Specialists
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