Water Technologies Demonstration Programme South Africa | Cape Town
Keywords related to the available technology.
AquaTrip Water conservation Trip switch Protect building Prevent water loss

AquaTrip: A Trip Switch to Save Water Saving water is absolutely imperative in South Africa and increasingly, other parts of the world as well. AquaTrip can be installed for any kind of property to monitor dynamic water consumption, protecting the entire selected plumbing system. If excessive water is suddenly consumed, AquaTrip initiates immediate halt of water supply to the property. This alerts its occupants of the problem and allows actions to be taken in order to address the problem.

What is the technology owner looking for? E.g. collaboration, investment, sales, etc.
The industry(s) relevant to the technology. Which industries can benefit from this technology?
All government (local, provincial and national) activities Collection, purification and distribution of water
The Technology Readiness Level of the available technology. For more information on the Technology Readiness Levels, please follow the link: Technology Readiness Levels
Technology readiness level 8
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