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hydroponics; agriculture; water; urban farming; vertical farming

The proposed technology is a vertical modular hydroponics pipe system which affords cultivated plants continuous access to mineral solution even while the irrigating system is off. The design allows for plants to be irrigated periodically, as opposed to continuously, thus reducing the amount of energy the system requires. Additionally, the design allows the mineral solution to flow through it in such a manner as to allow for the natural aeration of the mineral solution. The proposed system is unique in that it combines Deep Water Culture with Vertical Hydroponics while simultaneously eliminating the need for an air pump. This is because the design allows water to flow in such a way that promotes natural aeration, eliminating the need for a growing medium and allows for a higher planting density.


The system allows for farming of green leafy crops using 10 times less space, up to 90% less water in a virtually pesticide-free environment, virtually anywhere. The system also uses less pump run times, which means less energy, and this makes solar energy (which is cheaper) a more feasible form of alternative energy. The units of the proposed system are also stackable, which further enables efficient decentralized and localized urban farming. The intended market for the proposed system includes manufacturers or suppliers of farming equipment. Additionally, depending on the design and size of the system, end-users could include large and small-scale commercial farmers as well as residential users who grow crops for domestic consumption.

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